Is It Time To Claim Your Sexuality?

Photograph by Zohra Banon


Why me?

I believe one of the most significant and important things a person can do, is chose the right coach, guide, mentor, healer, the right support system for themselves. Having a guide through this work accelerates the process, and provides you with nourishing support along the way. So, why would you chose me?

Well, allow me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m really happy you’re here. My name is Isabella Frappier, and I work as a holistic women's wellness guide, with a focus on body literacy and sexual sovereignty. I also specialize in feminist feminine BDSM, and I have the life, and sex life of my dreams. Here’s the thing, I wasn’t always this way.

I spent years and years of my adult life in sexual shame. Living in relationships where my kindness and sensuality was drained dry by my partners. Where I looked and acted the part during sex, but I felt nothing. I have spent years studying, exploring, experimenting, and most importantly, reclaiming my sexuality. I now live a vibrant, juicy, pleasure filled life, and have helped hundreds of women reclaim their sexuality. I have watched in awe as each has bloomed in every other area of their life after stepping into their erotic power.  

Is this work for me?

Let’s find out. Do you feel the same way I used to? Do you ache to live a juicy, pleasure filled, abundant life? But you feel too tired, burnt out, drained and depleted to do anything about it? Do you yearn to be ravished and sexually adored? Do you look at your body with pain or shame? Do you masturbate by turning your vibrator on, and your brain off?

It doesn’t have to be this way! But it’s hard to make the changes by yourself. I’m here to support you. I call on my years of women's wellness education and intuitive energy skills, to help educate and demystify the blocks in your body and your life, and help orient you towards you sensual sovereignty. I can help you develop the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional tools you need on your journey through life.  We will work together to help balance your body, mind, and heart, and to integrate your goals into your reality. Tap into your sacred sensuality and learn to flow. I help to heal past and present womb trauma, and connect you back to your power source.

Where will we go together?

You wont be in this alone anymore. Together we (you and I) will explore your desires in and out of the bedroom, your current and past relationships, the relationship you have with your body, as well as sexual blocks and baggage that are holding you back from living your best life.

I will meet you where you currently are on your journey to sexual freedom, regardless of where that is, and hold space for you as we work together through the next steps. I will ask you thoughtful questions and provide insightful advice and suggestions to support you in dismantling your negative sexual beliefs, and rebuilding new, more nourishing ones.  

Together we will explore ways to feel more present during sex and in life, we will discuss how to bring more mindfulness and pleasure into your life, and how to feel safe and empowered when embodying your sensuality. I will hold space to support you in working through sex-negative past and present beliefs and ideas, that have been holding you back from feeling sexually powerful.

Perhaps most importantly, I will hold you accountable. I will hold you accountable as the sole captain on the voyage of your sexual empowerment. I will challenge you to prioritize your self love and self care. I will be your champion. Because I believe you deserve pleasure. I believe you deserve to feel as powerful and brilliant as you are.


What will this look like?

A lot of coaches rely on keeping their clients just blocked enough for them to keep coming back, but that goes against everything I believe.

Unlike other coaches, I work with abundance, not with lack, and ultimately I’m working with you to help you not need me anymore. I will not be your guru, I will help you find your own inner guru. You are your greatest teacher.

There are no funnels, traps, or hidden costs, just a clear cut path.

This is a three month self love and sexual healing journey, with me as your guide.

This includes:

-Weekly 1:1 Video Chat sessions with me to process what comes up for you along this journey, receive feedback and advice, and be held lovingly accountable. Voice to voice only sessions are available if preferred.

-Sensual, playful, deep and juicy assignments to help connect you with yourself.

-Digital Self Love journal and guidebook with exercises and reflections that we will build on in sessions {{coming soon!}}

-Email support between sessions

-Encouraging personal texts from me with motivation and inspiration

-Tarot session at the beginning and end of course, if you would like. Many people find this adds some insight and guidance from the beyond, and is a beautiful way to close our time together.

So, what’s the investment?

Unlike other coaches I’m not going to make you sit through a fricken webinar to find out how much this costs.

The investment is $1500 for a three month program with me.

This is an investment in you. An investment in your sexual health and emotional journey.

This program is not for those who don’t want to put in the work, or want a band-aid fix.

This is for you if you want to feel dramatic and beautiful shifts in your self love and sex life.

Shifts that radiate out in a butterfly effect into all other areas of your life.

Schedule a call now with me, so I can assess if we would be a good fit to work together.

Payment plans available if needed.


Are you ready?

Photo by Jenny Rolapp

Photo by Jenny Rolapp