Current Offerings


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Holistic Women's Wellness Coach. 

The majority of my work these days is one on one consultations , where I use my years of women's wellness learning and intuitive energy skills, to help to educate and demystify the blocks in your body and your life, and help orient you towards you sensual sacred sovereignty. I help you to develop the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional tools you need on your journey through life.  We work together to help balance your body, mind, and heart, and to integrate your goals with your reality. Tap into your sacred sensuality and learn to flow. I help to heal past and present womb trauma, and connect you back to your power source. I do offer single sessions, though most of my clients find that enduring and transformative change happens as we work together over several moon and menstrual cycles, usually 3-6 months. 

Freelance Writer. To raise awareness for issues close to my heart, I also work as a freelance writer, with the majority of my work being educational articles on reclaiming our disenfranchised bodies and embracing our sovereignty. Published at Thinx, Sex With Emily, and The Uncommon Muse.

Tarot Reader. As a second generation Psychic Medium, I have been working as a Tarot Reader for years. I offer my readings remotely, so they are available to anyone regardless of location. These remote readings are sent to you via email, and you have pages and pages of insight, guidance, and wisdom to read, letters from your loved ones, that you can reflect upon over the years. Phone readings are also available, as well as personalised tarot subscriptions for yourself or a loved one. 

Apothecarist. I believe that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. I create all-natural, organic, crystal-infused, custom skincare and wellness products that help you feel and look radiant. From sensual personal lubricant, to nourishing night cremes,  womb oils, to herbal tea blends and smudging smoke kits, all created just for your body and your stage of life. You can email anytime to order, or even look at the Olinda Skincare and Wellness Instagram.

Birth Doula.
I still take on the occasional birth doula client, as it deeply touches my heart.
I adore supporting women in this raw, primal journey. Feel free to reach out anytime to see if I have any availability to do so.

Child Consultant. 
I believe that raising a child is an immense job, and when you need some extra help from your village, I provide support as a Childcare consultant.
Having spent 10 years providing enriching experiences, education, and care for infants and children,
I draw on my experience to help support and advise parents on everything from sleep training to sibling rivalry.