Pleasure Awakening {FREE} - Isabella Frappier
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Pleasure Awakening {FREE}

~Launching Soon~


Are you intrigued by all this “pleasure talk”, but not sure where to begin?


Do you yearn to explore your connection to pleasure?


Would you like to deepen your body literacy and reclaim your sexual sovereignty?


If you answered yes to ANY of the questions above, this course is for you! 


I created this course to serve as a taster to my other online pleasure offerings, but it’s also a very nourishing and radical course in its own right.


Full of thought-provoking journal prompts, inspiring activities and rewarding rituals, this “Pleasure Awakening” course will help you: 


~ Open your mind and body to new realms of pleasure. 

~ Inspire a creative approach to pleasure.

~ Provoke deliciously pleasurable explorations.

~ Help you slooooow down and really feel all the pleasure available to you.

~ Integrate this new wisdom in tangible ways into your daily life.

~ Support you in embracing the pleasure you deserve. And help you feel deserving of it!

~ Release old narratives that no longer serve you, and create new pleasurable ones.

~ And so much more!


So join me in exploring and celebrating pleasure! It’s designed to be a week-long course, but it’s a “go at your own pace” course, so you can complete it in whatever way feels the most pleasurable to you.


Are you ready to begin? What do you have to lose? 


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