Tarot Offerings


Feeling like you're drifting through life, and would love some more direction and guidance? I can help.


I have two main types of Tarot Offerings, one off sessions, and subscription packages.  With one off readings you can chose from a written reading, or a phone reading. Both are done remotely, so they are very easy to schedule. Phone readings are perfect for when you have very specific questions, and want instant feedback, and written readings are wonderful for providing enlightening detailed information, and are a beautiful memento to reflect on for years to come. Written readings are emailed back to you within seven days of your payment.

Written readings:
Short: Ideal for 2-3 simple or yes/no questions $100 (usually 1-2 pages long),
Long: Ideal for more lengthy and involved questions $240 (usually 3-6 pages long).


Phone Readings:
$80 for a one hour session.



Tarot Subscriptions 

You will receive a custom reading that is unique to the challenges and joys in your weeks ahead, and will integrate tarot cards, your numerology influences, and intuitive guidance to provide with you an overview as well as specific messages.

Whether you’re curious to dip your toe into the tarot waters, or are looking for a personal tarot reader who will get to know you and guide you for longer than a single one-off reading, this is the perfect subscription for you. Every month's reading will build upon the last, helping you to gain clarity into the challenges and opportunities that rise and fall in your life. Each personal reading will be typed and emailed to you, with photos of the cards drawn, on either the new moon of each month, or on both the new moon and the full moon of each month, so that you can reflect on what’s past, and prepare for what is ahead.

The Deluxe Package also includes a custom wellness product mailed to you on the new moon, custom crafted to what would most support you in the month to come. Mailed items include one of: a smudging smoke blend to cleanse, a nurturing bath soak, a luscious roll on oil blend, a nourishing balm, or a spiritual candle.

You may invest in a tarot subscription for yourself, or a loved one, these make an amazing gift for the mystical loved one in your life. Tarot subscriptions offer general monthly readings that are not intended to surpass your free will and powerful intuitive knowing. These readings intend to support you and offer an overall sense and perspective for a given month; I trust what I’m guided to include and emphasize, using tarot cards, numerology and intuition, and your spiritual guides with not pass on information you are not ready to receive. Packages are available in 3, 6, or 12 month orders and are very customizable to suit your needs.

Subscription Prices

-3 personalized cards for the month ahead; $25 per month for the new moon.

-3 personalized cards for the month ahead; $45 per month for full and new moon.

If you’re not ready for a personalised reading, but would like to know what the energy is for the month ahead you can try:

-3 general cards (non personalized) for the month, $15 per month for new moon, $25 per month for full and new moon.

You can add the Deluxe add on to any reading package for just $25 additionally per month.

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