Tarot Readings - Isabella Frappier
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Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Wisdom & Insight from the Beyond

As a second generation psychic medium, I have used Tarot as a tool for wisdom and insight from the beyond for years. Seeking knowledge and advice from spiritual guides has had a wonderfully positive impact on my own life, as well as that of my clients.


Feeling like you’re drifting through life, and would love some more direction and guidance?

I can help.


I have two main types of Tarot Offerings, one-off sessions, and subscription packages.  With one-off readings, you can choose from a written reading, or a phone reading. Both are done remotely, so they are very easy to schedule.


Phone readings are perfect for when you have very specific questions and want instant feedback, and written readings are wonderful for providing enlightening detailed information, and are a beautiful memento to reflect on for years to come. Written readings are emailed back to you within seven to fourteen days of your payment being received.


Tarot Subscriptions are currently full! Please send an email to be waitlisted.

  • Short Written Reading

    Ideal for 2 - 3 simple or yes/no questions - usually 1 - 2 pages long.

  • Long Written Reading

    Ideal for more lengthy and involved questions , or year ahead readings- usually 3 - 6 pages long.

  • Phone Readings

    One hour long session.

  • Personal Monthly Reading

    Explore the new and full moons each month with 3 personalized cards.

  • General Monthly Reading

    Explore the new and full moons each month with 3 general cards.

  • Deluxe Package

    Add-on to any reading package - includes a custom wellness product mailed to you on the new moon.