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Step into your Sensual Power with Isabella Frappier

Isabella Frappier is a Pleasure Mentor, Sex Educator and intuitive healer. She has helped thousands of people reclaim their sex lives, learn to understand and love their bodies, and become their own healers.  

Her work is a holistic healing modality. She holds the mirror up to her clients, and reminds them of what they have forgotten. Re-awakening their inner wisdom and helping them live the sex lives of their dreams.  

She has a specialty in body literacy and sexual sovereignty and often incorporates the principles of feminist BDSM, Sex Magic, and even Astrology in her work.


“It is an honor to help people reclaim their power, re-inspire their sovereignty, and explore and embrace their sexuality through my 1:1 work as a Pleasure Mentor. Inspired by this work, I have created online programs and communities that have changed thousands of lives”


Sexual Activist, Pleasure Mentor, & Intuitive Healer As Seen on Netflix


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Love Your Body

Body positivity is a huge part of my work. I support clients on their journey from battling with their bodies, to loving every inch of them. Through a combination of body literacy education and radical self-love, I help my clients claim their right to feel sexy in their bodies.

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Improve Your Sex Life

Embrace your most sensual & erotic self, and start living your best sex life ever. Life is too short to be having mediocre and mundane sex. I help my clients create a wonderful sex life by design, instead of a mundane default one. Improve your sex life today, because you’re worthy of pleasure.

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Explore, Grow, Awaken

I help my clients get out of their limiting comfort zone, and explore their true sexual desires. By using sensual tools they can expand their sexual horizons and awaken to their birthright of sensual power and erotic play.


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