Origin story. 


I am rooted, but I flow.

I was born into this world long overdue, and after days and days of my mother's struggle to get me out. I spoke early and often, with a large vocabulary by the age of two. I spent my days listening to the conversations of adults, absorbing every word, and nursing animals back to life with a tender, intuitive touch. I was always writing, and wrote my first book, about being a witch, at eight years old.  As a child I often had detailed conversations and  friendships with invisible people, and it wasn’t until my teenage years that my mother revealed to me that I was a medium, as was she.

I spent my teenage years studying and journaling about natural medicine, witchcraft, and tarot, and finished my second book at sixteen. I worked as a nanny throughout my teens, and relished in helping mothers connect with themselves and with their children, and helping children find their voices. I lived on a mountain in a forested area of Australia, and by the time I moved out of my mothers nature filled home at eighteen years old, I had embraced my identity as a second generation psychic medium, and dedicated my life to working with women.

I have spent the past ten years voraciously learning about plant medicine, tarot, womb wisdom, sensual sexual power, and intuitive ancient teachings. I have studied through some structured education systems as I found it necessary, such as Southern School of Natural Therapies, Bini Birth, Milc Lactation, etc, but I have always placed the most importance on books, and on intuitive energetic knowledge.


Image by Zohra Banon Photography

Image by Zohra Banon Photography


After beginning my journey in childbirth as a Birth Doula, I was struck by how disconnected women often were with their bodies, their fertility, their power, and the disconnect between the sensuality of childbirth, and the clinical way it’s often portrayed to, and imposed upon, us. I loved my work, but I was heartbroken by the continual witnessing of women being stripped of their power and their sensuality during this beautiful and significant rite of passage.

I began working as a holistic women’s wellness coach to help women reclaim their power, to help re-inspire their sovereignty, and it has been my most fulfilling work to date. Through this expression I have also created a private female-only community for women to have a safe space to both express and to listen, about the life of being female bodied, as well as receiving guidance and counsel from me through interactive online lessons and courses. I also write both personal stories and educational articles for several major websites, about sensual power, feminine sovereignty, and the many complexities of being female bodied.

Being a supportive guide to women is the most important thing to me. Helping to demystify the many cycles we go through as women, leading women towards their sensual sovereignty and helping to awaken their own innate wisdom is my life calling. Your womb wisdom is within you, in fact it is your birthright as a human being born with a uterus. Let me help you remember what you knew before you were born. Help you open your throat chakra and find your voice again. Help align your heart with your womb, and move into your true flow in life. When we operate from our sensual feminine power, we flow.

If you were looking for a catalyst for positive change in your life, you just found it.


I am rooted, but I flow.


I Am Also A Writer. 

To raise awareness for issues close to my heart, and champion my sex positive agenda, I also work as a freelance writer, with the majority of my work being educational articles on reclaiming our disenfranchised bodies and embracing our sovereignty.

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