Are you ready to step into your sensual power?
Are you ready to live the life you always wanted?
Are you ready?


Isabella Frappier, awakening your sensual sovereignty, and demystifying the cycles of feminine life. 

Your body,  your womb, your love, your sexuality, your life...
... let me help you remember your body's wisdom.

Unleash your inner magic and start living your juiciest life today. What are you waiting for?!


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What People Are Saying


"The moment I met Bella online I knew she was the right person to help me on my journey. Grounded, intuitive, and insightful, she radiated peace and thoughtfulness, and helped launch my self improvement journey in a way that I had been struggling with for years. She has helped me break through old belief systems that no longer serve me, and I feel happier and more balanced than I have in years. My life has improved so much, and my sex and dating life has really taken off. I recommend her to all my friends and family!!"
-Anna D., New Mexico. 

“I am so grateful I found Isabella. I was so tired of living my life on auto-pilot, but had no idea how to really make a change. I wanted to stop complaining and start DOING, and she was a constant source of support and inspiration. I wish I had started working with her when I was younger.
-Karin M., Los Angeles.

”Well, after our first session together I had sex with my husband that night….and squirted for the first time! Enough said!”
-Annaliese, California.

"My life has changed so much since beginning a coaching program with Bella, she has helped me tap into my feminine power, and align my energy so much better. People respond to me so differently now, I even got a promotion at work! It has been so wonderful to start noticing the ways my brain responds and reacts to things differently after working with her for only a few weeks"
-Laura, Colorado

"Bella’s readings are incredibly detailed and amazingly insightful. She helped me with a challenging relationship situation and her reading provided so much clarity and peace that I was able to resolve the situation where before I couldn’t seem to. In addition to being a talented psychic and tarot reader she’s an awesome human being who really cares about her clients. I love her!!"
-Emilee, Los Angeles. 

"Bella is INCREDIBLE. She's done quite a few readings for me and all of them have been very insightful and so very helpful. She's specific, and caring in her readings and is there to break things down for you if you can't wrap your brain around some of the stuff. She has an amazing energy and vibe to her. Anytime anyone asks for a referral to a psychic I IMMEDIATELY send them to Bella. Honestly, I've even sent some people who didn't even know they wanted a reading! She is the best and I can't speak highly enough of her. 10 out of 10 would recommend her"
-Savannah, Los Angeles. 

"I have never had a written reading before, but I found it very helpful to read Bella’s clear insights written out. Her reading was thorough and accurate and helpful in dissecting all angles of a complex personal situation. I appreciate her ability to analyze my questions with sensitivity and detail that explored all possible outcomes. Thank you!" 
-Zoe, Los Angeles. 


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